Slobodan Mirkovic National Championship

Early in 2004, the Club’s members competed individually against another Serbian golf club from Sydney during the Kalenic Cup in Canberra. After this event the two Clubs got together and decided to start a new competition. An event that competed State against State. The Interstate Championship was born and was first played at Merimbula Golf Club in 2004. Since then, South Australia, Western Australia and the Australia Capital Territory have joined the competition and compete every year changing venues across Australia.

In November 2015, Slobodan Mirkovic, the Club President of the Serbian Golf Club Geelong, passed away. Stan, as many knew him by, was the main leader in starting this competition between other Serbian golf clubs in Australia. His dream was to unite all Serbian golf clubs around Australia. In honour of Stan the event was renamed as the Slobodan Mirkovic National Championship.

If you are interested in participating in this great event, please download the 2019 entry form and complete. Download View Results

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2004 Victoria
2005 Victoria
2006 South Australia
2007 South Australia
2008 Victoria
2009 Victoria
2010 New South Wales
2011 Victoria
2012 Victoria
2013 Australian Capital Territory
2014 Australian Capital Territory
2015 South Australia
2016 South Australia
2017 Victoria
2018 Western Australia
2019 Victoria
2004 Zoran Mitic (VIC)
2005 Miroslav Strbac (NSW)
2006 Nicholas Smiljanic (VIC)
2007 Robert Kostandinovic (VIC)
2008 Zoran Mitic (VIC)
2009 Peter Kulincevic (VIC)
2010 Milan Zolotic (ACT)
2011 Djuro Pudja (ACT)
2012 Bill Sahinis (VIC)
2013 Djuro Pudja (ACT)
2014 Djuro Pudja (ACT)
2015 Stefan Medic (SA)
2016 Sava Stanojevic (SA)
2017 Stefan Medic (SA)
2018 Slobodan Despotovski (WA)
2019 Rade Daradan (SA)
2004 Draza Stefanovic (VIC)
2005 Dragan Mladenovic (VIC)
2006 Mirko Tomasevic (NSW)
2007 Dejan Andelkovic (VIC)
2008 Mileta Davidovic (VIC)
2009 Momcilo Ristic (NSW)
2010 Milan Stankov (ACT)
2011 Veljko Kalezic (VIC)
2012 Sava Stanojevic (SA)
2013 Branko Jokic (NSW)
2014 Stefan Medic (SA)
2015 Zdravko Bozic (SA)
2016 Dragan Ivkovic (VIC)
2017 Dragan Ivkovic (VIC)
2018 Zdravko Bozic (SA)
2019 Jovan Krunic (VIC)