Rade Jaksic Memorial Shield

Rade Jaksic first started playing with the Serbian Golf Club in 1979, a very popular and friend of many. Whoever he played with they always had a laugh and enjoyed their round of golf. Rade always said whoever scores the lowest score is the best golfer on the day. Rade passed away in 1986 and is greatly missed and people still hold many memories about the great man. I'm sure he would be telling St Peter how to play and putt upstairs. As a tribute to Rade his son George introduced the Rade Jaksic Memorial Shield in 1987 for the best score off the stick where all members of the club would love to get their name on the shield.

rade jaksic
rade jaksic champion - zoran mitic
rade jaksic champion - peter pavlovic
rade jaksic champion - milorad gelic
1987 Dragan Stanisavljevic
1988 Dragan Stanisavljevic
1989 Dragan Stanisavljevic
1990 Zoran Lakic
1991 Dragan Stanisavljevic
1992 John Karac
1993 Milutin Manojlevic & Misko Kulincevic
1994 Misko Kulincevic
1995 Miro Serovic
1996 Zoran Mitic
1997 Zoran Mitic
1998 Zoran Mitic
1999 Zoran Mitic
2000 Zoran Mitic
2001 Zoran Mitic
2002 Zoran Mitic
2003 Zoran Mitic
2004 Zoran Mitic
2005 Peter Pavlovic & Zoran Mitic
2006 Zoran Mitic
2007 Zoran Mitic
2008 Zoran Mitic
2009 Zoran Mitic
2010 Zoran Mitic
2011 Zoran Mitic
2012 Zoran Mitic
2013 Zoran Mitic
2014 Zoran Mitic
2015 Milorad Gelic
2016 Zoran Mitic
2017 Zoran Mitic
2018 Zoran Mitic
2019 Peter Kulincevic, Milorad Gelic & Zoran Mitic