Slobodan Mirkovic Medal

The Slobodan Mirkovic Medal is contested over twelve months and is open to members only. A player previously scored points during each monthly event and if they finished in the top 5 of stableford points or net stroke score. The player with the most accumulated points for the year becomes the Slobodan Mirkovic Medal champion. If there is a tie after the final round of the year then the player who has played more rounds for the year is decided as the winner. As of 2012, the points system changed to an order of merit system where all players would receive points according to where they finished in the monthly event.


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1988 Dragan Stanisavljevic
1989 Michael Kupresanin
1990 Stan Mirkovic
1991 Steve Obradov
1992 Steve Obradov
1993 Miodrag Mirovic
1994 Misko Kulincevic
1995 Miroslav Milojevic
1996 Alex Fomin
1997 Misko Kulincevic
1998 Zoran Mitic & Bernard Bosnjak
1999 Misko Kulincevic
2000 Stan Mirkovic
2001 Milan Vekovic
2002 Zoran Mitic
2003 Misko Kulincevic
2004 Zoran Mitic
2005 Dragan Mladenovic
2006 Alex Mladenovic
2007 Zoran Mitic
2008 Dragan Mladenovic
2009 Viktor Tomic
2010 Zoran Mitic
2011 Harry Kotsonis
2012 Viktor Tomic
2013 Zoran Mitic
2014 Vito Nesic
2015 Peter Kulincevic
2016 Ricardo Gutierrez
2017 Zoran Mitic
2018 Zoran Mitic