Milutin Kostic Memorial

The Milutin Kostic Memorial is a new event that began in 2012. The event is in memory of Milutin Kostic, a lover of golf and a person who loved and supported the Serbian Golf Club in Geelong and Melbourne. In memory of Milutin, both clubs decided to host an annual event where both clubs competed against one another.

The inaugural event was hosted at Waterford Valley Golf Club on June 10, 2012 on a beautiful windless winter day. The inaugural victors went to the Serbian Golf Club Geelong team where they won 6 matches to 1.

milutin kostic memorial bbq
milutin kostic memorial bbq
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2012 Geelong 6 def Victoria 1 View Results
2013 Geelong 9 def Victoria 2 View Results
2014 Geelong 4 lost to Victoria 6 View Results
2015 Geelong 5 def Victoria 3 View Results
2016 Geelong 3 lost to Victoria 4 View Results
2017 Geelong 4 lost to Victoria 7 View Results